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Call for Submissions & Author Guidelines

#NormalDeviation Anthology is now seeking ‘Third Option’ submissions We wanted weird and we got it. The picture poll shut June 1st 2017 with the photo "Suitcase" winning by a landslide. Coming is at second place was "Cones" proving that our voters really wanted to make this anthology weird. We've decided that predicting what writers will respond to is like herding cats because neither of us predicted "Suitcase" as the winner.

What is Third Option writing? A way to avoid writing tropes and clichés because the first two options that come to mind when responding to a prompt are normally those that will occur to everyone else. We want the weird and the wonderful.

Submissions should be inspired by the following image:

The mission for submission, should you choose to accept it, is to think of three possible stories inspired by this image, discard the first two and write the third (in this way, we can subtract normal and get deviation).

Deadline for submissi…

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