On deadlines

From BrightDrops.com
This is how good I am at deadlines: the deadline for this post was four days ago. WHOOSH!

That said, there's nothing like a deadline to make you write. Have a contract for a book due on Dec 31st? Better book a cabin in the woods for the whole month of December, because it's not like you're going to actually write anything in the eleven months leading up to that, right?

We'll be putting a deadline on #NormalDeviation submissions, so plan your summer accordingly. Whichever photo wins the poll (go vote! tomorrow's the last day!), we'll be wanting to see your short stories on it before summer wanes.

I'll be using this deadline to help me get out of the household chores my mother spends the entire year listing for me to do when I visit her in the summer (except the line item that says "bake chocolate chip cookies"). What kinds of things might you use it for? (Hint: this is why this blog has a comments section!)


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