Weird Pic Poll - Which is your fave?

We did some serious searching for weird pics to inspire this anthology over the last few weeks - rest assured, you should not jump into this blindly (and maybe turn SafeSearch on, just for the sake of your eyeballs, hey?). Trust us, there are plenty of weird, bizarre, unusual, strange, creepy, and just downright FUBARed images out there on the Wild Wild Web.

We had a few things in mind for the images we were looking for (all of which are soooper secret). In the end, over some mac & cheese and one obnoxious dog, we narrowed down the list to five.

Now it's your turn! Tell us which pic inspires you the most to write and/or read using the poll below.

Note: The images in the poll are kinda small. If you want to see them bigger, scroll to the bottom of this post.


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