#NormalDeviation Kickstarter Launched!

Here’s the shitty part about being a writer: most of the time, even if you’re a "pro", you’re not getting paid. We know. We’ve been there. We have day jobs, too. We don’t like the idea of exploiting writers anymore than you do.

As you’re probably aware, Normal Deviation started out as a bit of a whim, and has wound up launching Wonderbox Publishing as a result. This is our first major project, and we want to do it and the authors justice.

So we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign* to raise funds for the anthology. Our funding goal is £1600GBP: enough to pay each anthology author a minimum professional rate of one penny per word, plus the set-up costs to print paperbacks. If we reach this funding goal, each author will receive payment for their story, plus two contributor copy paperbacks of the anthology.

Supporters or "backers" who pledge money to the project will receive the book (obvs), either in e-book or paperback (or both), plus varying levels of goodies depending on pledge levels. Some of these include copies of one of my previous projects, the student-edited and -published Blue Pencils anthology, and some crafts from my own little craft workshop (I include a pic of some of my favorite work to assure you of my mad crochet skills).

I do what I want!

So whether you’re an aspiring Normal Deviation author, or a reader who can’t wait for the weird and bizarre stories our cover pic is sure to inspire, it behooves (I love that word, I don’t care what you say) you to support the Kickstarter and share wide and far so that we reach our funding goals!

*For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowd-funding platform. You like the project proposal? Pledge a little dough as an "investment". If we hit our goal, you pay your fee and we deliver on our promises. If we don’t, you pay nothing, and everyone is sad.


  1. Sounds very intriguing and delightfully weird! I think I might have a try at the 'Suitcase' but I am rather nervous to say the least as I am only a novice writer and a bit worried as to whether I can produce anything like what is wanted!! But I can but try - can't I ??

  2. Exactly - that's what it's all about! Never hurts to try. :)


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