Just Keep Kicking...

So, the bad news: the first Kickstarter campaign did not fund.

But I'm not worried. One, we got to 53% with this round, and that was with no one knowing who we are. We've gotten a ton of exposure with this campaign, and Wonderbox has a ton of new followers.

All this amounts to good news: when we run the campaign a second time, in October/November, when we have all our authors lined up and able to promote the anthology as well, I have no doubt that it will fund. So for all of you backers: don't worry, we're still going forward, and please plan on pledging to us a second time!

For all you writers still looking to submit: please do! I'm going to come out and guarantee a minimum payment of £10/story + contributor e-copy; that's even if the Kickstarter doesn't fund. If it does fund, as I expect it to (based on colleagues' similar experiences), then all authors will receive a minimum of £0.01/word + contributor e- and print-copy.

So stay tuned! Subscribe to our updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and keep looking forward to some weird-ass stories!


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