Decisions have been made!

Now for the hard work...

It's been a busy week for us over here at Wonderbox Publishing. We pushed through our wonderfully long list of candidate short stories for Normal Deviation (we never expected to get so many, and so many so good!), and fashioned our list of acceptances on Tuesday. With no further ado, I give you the Normal Deviants:
  • Chris Loud
  • Josephine Bruni
  • Clare Weze
  • Arathi Menon
  • Cath Barton
  • Jetse de Vries
  • Jonathan Howard
  • Joanna Hoyt
  • Dean Knight
  • Molly McLellan
  • Jesse Rodriguez
  • Nicola Thompson
  • Emma Venables
  • Charlie Wilson
  • Josh Dygert
  • Sam Hirte-Ruensch
  • L.G. Keltner
  • Amanda Marples
  • Olivia Berrier
  • Dan Cox
Congrats to all of you, and we can't wait to work with you!

In the midst of hosting a 24-hour Create-a-thon for myself and my students, I also managed to announce the writing competition we are hosting (partnered with Bangor University/ESRC, Literature Wales, and Jisc Wales) to seek out the best "popular" digital fiction out there. Check it out if you're into the more tech-y side of narrative too: the 2nd Annual Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition is open to all and sundry, and accepts entries in English and Welsh until 15 February 2018.

Charging forward heedlessly, DeAnn and I will now be launching into the editorial process. Clich├ęs will be torn asunder. Purple prose will be de-purpled. Endings will be rounded out, dagnabit! (Yeah, that 24-hour thing is getting to me now!)

Stay tuned: we'll be re-launching our Kickstarter effort in short order, taking advantage of all this steam-building we've done. We're still aiming for a Spring 2018 publication date, and there's a lot to be done between now and then, so please forgive us if the updates are a bit more sparse as we grind our noses. Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook!


  1. Very cool! While I don't often do the writing competitions, I'll have to keep my ear out for the next anthology.

    1. Please do! We haven't decided yet what weird sort of thing it will be, but stay tuned. :)


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